Wednesday, January 21, 2009


work has been...let's say intense. definitely a know, anytime i talk about what i do for a living people invariably say," wow, you are soooooo lucky to do what you do. so creative." and...they are right, but sometimes it sucks and makes my head swim. i have to be creative and dream up costume crap ooops i mean costume awesomeness and answer questions and be organized and composed and resourceful and a leader and to be quite honest i make a lot of things up while i do it. somehow it works. after six years my sham still hasn't been revealed...amazing. i'm whining i know. i AM incredibly blessed to have a full time honest to god gainfully employed career in the arts. someone out there in the cosmos has my back...but sometimes i just want to bake pies dammit(or do i mean throw pies????)!

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