Sunday, January 25, 2009

a Marshall story...or, Marshall's first story

Kent, this is for you~
About three years ago, Greg and I had been yearning for a dog. We had certain requirements like: not a puppy, not too big(this was hard for me because I had only ever had or wanted big dogs), not a spaz. I stalked dogs on pet and we cruised the humane society for just the right piece o' tail(sorry, couldn't resist). There were definitely some cutie pie dogs, but something would always happen like someone else would adopt it before us. That happened more than once. It was really disheartening, because it was very important that we connect with the right dog, and that we were doing more of a rescue thing because obviously, we could have easily just paid 500 dollars and been proud parents. We did breed research and narrowed it down to french bulldog, boston terrier, english bulldog, and on impulse, the pug. We then found out about a local pug rescue that was having a pet adoption fair at petco. We went and it was madness! There were about thirty pugs. Some of them were seniors with grey faces and sad buggly eyes, some were mixed and kinda crazy looking(not that the pug isn't funny looking on it's own without even having something like beagle thrown into the mix). Basically, we had to write down the names of several dogs that we wanted to get some face time with. I saw Marshall who was actually named Cranston and thought he was the most beautiful little pug that I had ever seen. Greg bent over into the portable doggy pen to lift him out so that we could take him for a short chaperoned walk and he literally JUMPED into Greg's arms. It was love at first sight.
That was it, we knew that he was the one. We had to wait about a week until the Little Angel's Pug Rescue got back to us(just in case someone else had chosen him too). It was nerve wracking
and then we got the call...he was ours. We still had a home inspection to go through and a three hour training session the following Saturday, it maybe would have been easier to adopt a Russian baby we joked. But he was ours and it was like he was the missing link when we brought him home.

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