Tuesday, July 28, 2009

go ask alice...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

treasures from wisconsin...

little treats from my trip to lush and green madison,wisconsin...
*a carousel ride with a very dear friend(i miss you Monica!!!)
*a tiny milk glass pitcher
*a pink pony holding down a mountain of lava
* an ode to dr. evermore
"can i come hide with you in your post apocalyptic garden?
i'll care for your creatures of iron and steel.
i'll sweep out the remains of life as we know it and

bake you a pie of cobweb and thistle
and together we shall be fed for all eternity...
*my feet catching sun at devil's lake
* the little girl who has stolen my heart
i had a most excellent vacation!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

lost in a forest...

today i woke up after a couple car-azy dreams. dream vignette number one was that i was turning into a vampire. well, i was in the pre-blood phase, so i just had the floating off bed syndrome and the shakes. i know that this dream came about because G and i watched a swedish vampire flick called "Let the Right One In" last night. it is well worth a watch as it is super original(hard to find these days) and heartbreaking...just don't make the mistake we did and accidently watch it in the dubbed mode. i don't know how two film buffs could be such doofusses and not think to check the set up features, but ahem cough cough. so i woke up just positive that it was saturday and so excited because i have a massage appointment. stupid thursday!
but enougha my freaky dreams and wakey uppy letdowns!
this is a papercut that i did for my dear friend and hostess with the mostest Monica's birthday. it's part of my "Lost in a Forest" series.
i really love it.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

i forgot something...

i almost forgot that i have a blog. i've been up to all sorts of things and i have pictures and projects aplenty, i just haven't felt like sitting in front of a computer screen for longer than a minute or three. soon soon soon i will be ready for proper documentation methinks.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

onward and forward...

photo by me...from the most wonderful vivienne westwood exhibit at the v&a several years ago
this has been the first week of my glorious two and a half week vacation and it has been spent in a haze of toothache vs. headache vs. grogginess. i had the second part of a grueling root canal excavation last friday. it started ok with minimal pain, but then by monday, i was really hurting and out of it. i'm really not a big fan of slipping into the "valley of the dolls" with the pain killers, but i haven't had much of a choice. greg gets to chauffer me everywhere and he is a great sport. hopefully, maybe only another day or so of ache...wait scratch that. i want to wake up tomorrow with a fairy tale smile. i have projects to work on, places to go and people to see!