Monday, January 19, 2009

random house pics

our flat is small. although as my brother Jon pointed out when he came to visit last summer,"i thought you guys lived in some kinda tuna can by your description." actually i made the quote thing up, but he did say something to that effect. but it is small. IS in pasadena. and i love pasadena. although i used to despise pasadena before i moved here because it felt like it took three hours to get here from hollywood(site of previous even smaller apartment...the original tuna can).
in fact i try to encourage my friends to move to pasadena...sweet sweet idyllic bucolic pasadena.
to this date no one has complied. suckers. so, here are some pictures of my tuna can(wow that sounds ummmmm yeah...) and one picture of Greg's sleeping feet.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hallie,

Thanks for sharing what your world looks like. I love Pasadena too and would move there in a minute. Life for now is in SF but you never know.

Toil and Trouble said...

i'll bake you lots of cakes and delicious things if you come!!!!!