Sunday, January 25, 2009

saturday afternoon at the costume shop with Freia

in the interest of personal sanity, i am going to try to avoid too much shop talk here. the exception being my efforts in our production of the Ring Cycle (known in some areas of the costume shop as the "rinse cycle"). this is opera will be truly amazing. people are coming from all over the world to see this Achim Freyer production which will probably be his swan song as he turns 75 next month. i really am so thrilled to be part of this.(even if at times i just want to throw up my hands and be done with it). anyhoo, here are some pics of one of my larger projects, the goddess Freia armature. she is built from foss shape, a thermoplastic sort of felt. basically it looks like thick felt, but i heat it and shape it over a carved bead foam mold using steam and pressure and a lot of patience.i call it steam sculpting. she is about 2/3 complete with the back of her head and the rest of the apples still needing to be pulled from the mold. once those are pulled then i will attatch them to the body. she stands about 8 feet tall and only weighs about 8 pounds. when completed, the singer will stand inside and her head will come out at the center of the armatures apple tray. the singer(brave soul) carries this around a raked stage, steps out of it, throws it down at the base of the rake, picks it up and runs back upstage. it takes a lot of abuse. she will also get painted and have stems attatched to the apples.

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