Saturday, March 7, 2009

a quiet morning...

this morning i am moving slowly after a brain numbing migraine yesterday. i have a short list of some things that i really would like to take care of today, but i can't quite move past drinking tea spiked with ginger slices and watering my outdoor potted plants that have hung on through the winter and the scourge of last summer. i was so thrilled to find chamomile and cilantro seedlings sprouting up from the soil last weekend. i figure, if i get an early enough start this year, then perhaps there will be hope of having some happy plants this summer. all i want is a simple little potted garden. sounds easy right? sighhhhhhhhhhh. i have limited space and intense sun. i have tried sunshades and different soils and peat and so on and so on...and so, this year the game plan is just to be an early bird. that's it.

also on today's docket in no particular:
  • the purchase and application of hair dye from whole foods market
  • pick up jewelry bits from my supplier
  • hot soak in the tub
  • library
  • bake some scones or maybe macarons...i'm feeling bake~e~licious right now
  • pick up seed packets to send to my beautiful 2 year old god daughter Amelia
maybe that's it...i would like to see coraline or the wrestler, but i'm not sure how my eyes and head will feel later. it would be nice for greg and i to have a date though.

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Rachel said...

I love how you put your herbs in that bucket! It looks great.