Saturday, September 5, 2009

just some stuff on a saturday...

i haven't been very interested in keeping up with the journal lately. but i'm trying to shake that a bit. i killed my garden errrr beastly hellaciously hot southern california killed my plants. and so did the night squirrrels aka the rats. and then there was the bad ass green worm army that knocked of my woad and nasturtiums. so now i have a dirt garden. it's nice and brown and guarded by a humble gnome with an ax. on the other hand, i am growing a rather beautiful strain of fungus in my terrarium.
i have been sequestered indoors because of the fires burning up the hill. the air stinks. greg doesn't smell it, but he smokes. my sniffer is in sneeze and blow mode. i'm over it. and i want to go running again and i want to turn off the canned air in the flat. i did brave riding my bike to the train on thursday. it felt great to get a little exercise even if every inhale smelled like a smoldering bbq pit. on that ride i learned that wearing a wrap dress to ride a bike is not exactly the best idea. several good citizens of pasadena and little tokyo definitely got a morning flash of my lily white upper thigh. i hope that it gave them a giggle! also on the train was a very odd and slightly off large woman panhandling and talking to her self. people did the bury their noses into their blackberry's in order to not to attract her attention. she plopped herself down into 1 1/2 seats and pulled out a hello kitty notebook and wrote two words. i strained to see what they were and what i could make out looked like:
elasticity pusssy(yes with extra esses)
that made my day!

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