Monday, May 25, 2009

my secret garden under the clothesline...

this weekend was about movies, gardens, bike rides, new shoes, trying to pollinate my own veggies, dog park, books and what the...?...trying to pollinate my own veggies? for real. i am in dire need of some bees but bad. i need to add some special flora love for my little wing-ed friends. also, yes those are pink knickers hanging on the clothes line.
oh and growing in garden we have....
basil(sweet and purple)
french sorrel
lemon balm
german chamomile
chocolate pepper
runner beans x 2
(one is a painted lady variety that was named after the 1st queen's been around that long)
tomatoes x 3
lemon cukes x 2
patty pan squash x 2
and two lovely lavenders(french and spanish red) that i can hopefully manage to not destroy
oh, and last but not least...
a single woad plant(i am a dyer after all)
fingers crossed and i wants to plant more please!

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Creations 4 Children said...

Your arrangement is so pretty! they look super healthy and yummy. Keep up the good work. Maybe next year we can exchange seeds for more variety.