Tuesday, February 24, 2009

two things...

first we have a tableau in black and white with fuchsia that is composed of
  • a truly amazing figurine created by katy and sarah (my two favorite frauleins) in honour of Das Rheingold's opening and of course portraying my gal Freia
  • a mini canvas with a gaff tape eye that was done by Achim Freyer during a fitting with the singer who wears/lugs around the Freia costume case(he decided that the apples should have eyes)
  • a milk glass puddin' cup that i got at salvation army this weekend...plus two mystery seed pods picked up at the garden
  • a framed papercut that i did a month or so ago(more on that another time)
  • a cheapo cut milk glass looking vase w/fading camellia
  • a signed charcoal drawing that Achim Freyer gifted me with in thanks for my hard work(instinctually, i think that it is Freia, but i dunno...i love it!!!)
nextly, this was my delicious dinner of cheese risotto, roasted butternut squash and a poached egg...yolky goodness and don't forget the parmesan and freshly ground black pepper.

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