Saturday, October 4, 2008

This American Life...

Our first autumn-y feeling day here in Pasadena. Perfect weather to start the great furniture refurb. project of 2008. For now I sip honey laced coffee and munch on toast drizzled with even more honey(gotta support those bees) and listen to This American Life on KCRW. It's about the sad state of our economy and what is really(?) going on. As a full time artist working for a non-profit organization, I am, I don't even want to consider that my livelyhood depends on the financial graces of philanthropists and dilettantes...but that is a tale for another life costuming those with the voices of angels. And so for now I plan my project.
mouse sander? check!
particle mask and safety glasses? check!
primer and paint? hmmmm no.
k, gotta get to Lowes. Pics to follow...
Happy Saturday!

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